Merry Christmas

Li’l D,

Shopping for a gift for an infant isn’t easy. Your Grandparents and Aunts will likely buy you more “stuff” than you could ever need, so this year I decided to take a different approach. I want to give you something that will last a lifetime.

You’re entering a big and exciting world. I want you to be able to experience everything life has to offer. I want you to learn to follow your own path, not a path someone else thinks is best for you. I’m not always going to agree with the things you choose, but as long as it isn’t something that will harm you, harm others, or bring shame to the family name (look up ‘Kardashian’ to see what I mean) I will try to learn to accept your choices.

That being said…. you WILL hit some rough spots along the way. There may come a time when you feel terribly alone, frightened, and confused. Not to worry. I will ALWAYS be there for you. There may come a time when I’m not by your side, but my spirit will always be with you. Whenever you reach one of these rough spots, here’s a little reminder that will help you decide how to proceed.


Not sure what to do? C.H.E.C.K. with Dad…..

C – Classy. It is never out of style. Picking out a dress for a big date? Reacting to an insult from someone? Mingling in a roomful of strangers? Classy is never wrong.

H – Healthy. Respect your body…. you only get one. Put only good things in your body. Exercise a little every day. Stay fit, toned and strong and life instantly becomes easier.

E – Enthusiastic. Attitude is everything. You can overcome any obstacle with a positive approach. Want to make friends, earn respect, be happier? Be enthusiastic.

C – Courage. When faced with a tough choice, the difficult path is usually the correct one. Standing alone from the crowd, following your own path, speaking up for what is right can be very difficult. Unfortunately life isn’t like the movies and courageous choices are not always applauded. But make the courageous choice anyway.

K – Kindness. Make the world a better place even if only for a moment. Treat others as you would like to be treated. No matter how unpleasant another person may be, remember – they’re still somebody’s baby. Always be a point of light in a world that can sometimes be very dark.


So there you go. If you ever want to make your Dad very happy, just call me and say “Dad, that C.H.E.C.K. thing you taught me? It’s working!”

Merry Christmas 2011.