Wise Words

Nope – not wise words from Mom or Dad but from one of Dad’s favorite authors, a man named Chris Guillebeau. This is an article from his website titled “An Academic Confession”…


A long time ago, I sent a thick packet of information to Yale, explaining in considerable detail how awesome I was and why they should accept the honor of my giving them tens of thousands of dollars a year.

They sent me back a short, polite letter, saying that while they were happy to accept my initial contribution of $75, they had plenty of other applicants, even more qualified and more awesome than me, all willing to pony up the tens of thousands of dollars for the next few years.

Regretfully, I was informed, the $75 was all I’d be able to pay them…. Read More


My favorite part is where Mr. Guillebeau writes “….the rejection of defining myself according to exterior standards”.

Something worth remembering.

With love, Dad