6 Months Old

Hi Little Girl!

It’s late Friday night. Your Mom is asleep and I’m down here at the computer sipping on a cold beer (Square One Brewery just tapped it tonight – I believe they call it a Schwartz Weizen and it’s quite nice.) Anyway, here’s what I have to say….

I want to thank you for the joy you’ve brought into my life. I gotta be honest with you Li’l D…. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of having a child. If you searched for a more reluctant Father, I doubt you would have found one.  I never saw myself as a “Daddy”, and I was okay with that. I figured it just wasn’t worth all the hassle. I was pretty content with my life just the way it was.

When you came along, it was all new and scary. Frankly… there was no turning back once you arrived, so I really didn’t have a choice. But in the last 6 months (your 6 month birthday is Sunday),  to put it mildly…. I’ve become quite fond of you! This Daddy thing is pretty cool and I have you to thank for the change in me. I love you little girl, and it’s a love I’ve never experienced before.

In years past, I’d look forward to having great tickets to a Cardinal baseball game. I’d look forward to a 3 day weekend. I’d look forward to a fine meal at an expensive restaurant. I’d look forward to a long nap on a rainy day.

You know what I look forward to these days? Coming into your room at 7:30am and gently shaking you awake. You slowly open those big blue-grey eyes. After 30 seconds of utter confusion, you flash me that big toothless grin and it’s game on – the wiggly little girl says let’s get this day started! As soon as I loosen your sleep sack you give a big morning stretch, reaching your cute little arms high over your head. Then…. another beautiful toothless grin. If you offered me a winning lottery ticket or 5 seconds of you smiling at me, guess which one I would choose?

Bottom line little girl – I really like being your Dad.  I hope I’ll do it right. It’s been amazing watching you grow these first 6 months and I can’t even imagine what the next 6 months will be like.

All I know is this – I’m glad you picked me to be your Daddy. It’s an honor and a pleasure and I will do my best to make you proud of me.

With Love,