Things I Like

In no particular order….

  • When my favorite song is playing the moment I turn on the radio
  • A heartfelt compliment
  • A cold beer at the end of the day
  • Doing ‘Fins’ at a Buffett concert with 15,000 other Parrotheads
  • Finishing a long run on a sunny cool Saturday morning
  • One of my wife’s vegetable salads
  • When my daughter falls asleep with her head on my shoulder
  • Getting really muddy and dirty
  • Not being in debt
  • The direction my life is heading

Overheard on the 10th Tee

I was sitting in my cart behind three men in their late seventies getting ready to tee off on the back nine.

As golfer #1 teed up his ball, he commented “Windy today isn’t it?”

Golfer #2 corrected him. “No, I’m sure its Thursday.”

To which golfer #3 replied “You sure are thirsty?? If you’re so thirsty, why didn’t you let me buy you that beer back at the clubhouse?”