It’s gonna be hotter than…

Funny how certain events trigger vivid memories…

The recent string of 100˚ days here in St. Louis reminded me of two weeks spent at Sho-Me Baseball Camp in Branson Missouri when I was a kid in the late 70’s.

Late June temperatures creeped toward 100˚ and the coaches were careful not to push us campers too hard. I remember one coach in particular, a good ol’ boy from Southern Missouri. Every morning during the heatwave, he’d wander among the breakfast tables in the dining hall and with a loud, deep Southern drawl he’d remind us….

“Ya’ll drink up boys – drink dat water! Ya gonna need it today – it’s gonna be HOT out there! Hotter than 400 hells!!”

More than thirty years later, the first thing I always hear when the weatherman predicts 100˚ temperatures is coach’s booming voice….



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