The Found Money Project

Several evenings ago, D.O.D. casually mentioned that she was having a good run of luck finding money. You see, it’s always been our ‘thing’ not to pass up free money. Even if we’re out for a run together and really hitting a good pace, we’ll slow down & backtrack to pick up loose change. After all… money is money.

Coins by Mary-Lynn

D.O.D.’s comment reminded me of Sister Olivia, a teacher & nun who lived in the convent not far from our high school. I would often see her walking home with her head down, seemingly searching for something. One day I asked her about this and she pulled a jar from her desk. It was filled with change and bills. “You kids don’t pay attention to your money” she said “so God gives it to me!”

Sister Olivia went on to explain that she found all the money in the jar just by paying attention when she walked back and forth from the high school to the convent. “Sometimes on a sunny Saturday, I’ll walk over to the school parking lot and find several dollars!” For many years on the Friday after Thanksgiving, she would take advantage of the holiday sales and use ‘God’s money’ to assemble gift packages. She would then distribute the gifts at nursing homes during the Christmas season. She smiled with pride as she told me “Last year I made 27 gift packets with money I found!”


So how much money can the average family find simply by paying attention? We intend to find out, and we’ll share the results here as the year goes on. Plus… to honor the spirit of Sister Olivia, we’re going to figure out some way to put the money to good use near the end of the year!

Date Amount Comments Total
2-04-13 Nickel (DOD) Walking next door $ 0.05
2-08-13 Penny (DOD) Getting gas $ 0.06
2-11-13 Dime (DOD) Running with KW $ 0.16
2-14-13 Dime (DOD) Walking to gym $ 0.26
2-16-13 Dime (DF) Alley, taking out trash $ 0.36
2-18-13 Penny (DF) Casey’s, getting coffee $ 0.37
2-19-13 Dime (FF) Casey’s, getting gas $ 0.47