What Li’l D Likes

7-13 sunglassesYou probably won’t remember since you are very young, so I wanted to tell you about some of your favorite things at 20 months old….

  • Wearing Mommy’s sunglasses ——->
  • Olives & Hummus
  • Anything Elmo
  • Going to Lafayette Park playground
  • Having someone read to you
  • ‘Sips’ (rice milk, water, tomato juice)
  • Riding your pink tricycle
  • Making Daddy put your shoes on your bunnies
  • Wheels on the Bus video
  • Muffin Man video
  • ‘Toes’ the song by the Zac Brown Band
  • Sitting in your Elmo chair to watch Sesame Street
  • Our neighbor “Iana” (i.e. Diana)
  • The neighbor’s cat Richard
  • Fireflies
  • “Moon – time for sleepies”
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star video

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