Free Education Project – September 2013 Update

belushi in animal house by Franchize11In June, I wrote about the ‘Free Education Project’, my own personalized curriculum of things that interest me from content delivered for free (or at a very minimal cost) via the internet. In July, I created the curriculum for the project, and in August (just like the fine student pictured here) I went back to school.

Since July, I’ve tweaked the curriculum a bit, added a couple things and deleted a couple others. However, the cost for the educational program outlined below is still less than $1000. Below is an update of how things have been going so far….

• Read 2 books each month (Free from library)
On track – see my book reports and reading list HERE.

• 2 weekly posts to this website [Free]
On track – building up some draft material in addition to what has been posted.

• Grammar Girl podcasts for writing tips [Free on iTunes]
Have missed about a dozen episodes because I neglected to turn on the subscription in the Grammar Girl podcast settings. Duh! 😉

• Dave Ramsey podcasts for finance tips [Free on iTunes]
Haven’t missed an episode in several months. Incidentally, D.O.D. and I are on Baby Step 2 and will be debt free in early 2014!

• Xero cloud based accounting software certification [Free *Paid by employer]
Completed 2 day certification course 8/23/13. Took the test on 8/25/13, but only scored 17/25. Will attempt again.

• Coursera ‘Intro to Financial Accounting’ from U. Penn. Wharton [Free online]
Completed Week 1 – scored 96% on first homework assignment.

• Enter Shopify ‘Build a Business’ competition [$168 – 1 yr Shopify subscription]
Brainstorming to choose a product/path for the competition.

• Khan Academy ‘Math’ module [Free online]
Entered the Learning Dashboard for the World of Math.

• Khan Academy ‘Finance & Capital Markets’ module [Free online]

• Khan Academy ‘Microeconomics’ module [Free online]

• Khan Academy ‘Macroeconomics’ module [Free online]

• ‘Intro to Computer Science’ class at Udacity [Free online]

• ‘Intro to Programming in Java’ class at Udacity [Free online]

• ‘Learn WordPress’ Learning Adventure at Treehouse [$250 -1yr subscription]

• ‘Learn Javascript and jQuery’ Learning Adventure at Treehouse [*see above]

• FileMaker Pro 12 Certification [$20 for training materials, $150 for exam]

$588 plus internet connection @ $30/month

Aug internet – $30
Sep internet – $30
Total Spent So Far – $60