21 Principles to Live By

Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning. -Albert Einstein

For Li’l D…..

Sometimes it’s easier to follow a trail instead of hacking through the jungle by yourself. Unfortunately it took a lot of hacking and a lot of dead ends before I finally realized the truth about some of this stuff. With that in mind, here are 21 things I’ve learned that will never lead you in the wrong direction:

  1. Actions have consequences, some are good and some… not so much. Learn to recognize the difference ahead of time.
  2. Expect nothing and you’ll never be disappointed.
  3. “Religion’s in the hands of some crazy ass people.” -Jimmy Buffett. Remember that God is everywhere, even if there’s no church in sight.
  4. Here’s a 20 word financial plan guaranteed to lead you to early retirement. a) Carry no debt. b) Save 20% of what you earn. c) Keep an emergency fund. d) Buy and hold low expense index funds.
  5. Exercise at least 30 minutes every day. EVERY day.
  6. Be considerate of others, but live for yourself.
  7. You are responsible for your own education. Learn HOW to learn and your life will be easy.
  8. Sometimes you’ve just got to say “What the hell… I’m gonna do it!”
  9. Always tip musicians.
  10. Nobody ever got stressed out from sitting by a fire with a glass of wine.
  11. A long walk, a run or a bike ride can solve a lot of problems.
  12. Food always tastes better when someone else buys it.
  13. Don’t be impressed by material things. Often times the cowboy with the big hat has no cattle.
  14. It is your duty not to be a burden to others – always be self reliant.
  15. You are a reflection of the five people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely.
  16. The smartest people you’ll meet are most likely avid readers. Be one of them.
  17. If you aren’t happy with what you have, how will you be happy with more?
  18. Sand between your toes at sunset helps erase the day’s B.S.
  19. If it’s fried it’s trouble but if it’s green order double.
  20. “Don’t look back. Something might be gaining on you.” -Satchel Paige
  21. Everything happens for a reason. It is your job to find the reason.

* I reserve the right to change or alter these Principles as the mood strikes me.


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