Free Education Project – December 2013 Update

My project is moving along nicely. I’ve created the habit of waking around 5am, making my coffee and settling down for a few hours of study before anyone wakes up. This procedure seems to work very well for me. I’ve been focusing my energies on the content from Treehouse and I’ve already recorded 27 Achievements, mostly in the web design area.

I was inspired to work a little harder by one of my classmates from Intro to Financial Accounting, the man behind His plan and his progress on the plan are truly remarkable.


Click HERE to see my Report Card


Web Design‘ Track at Treehouse [$25/month]
Focusing on CSS right now, PHP will be next.


Read 2 books each month [Free from library]
Reading has suffered a bit because I am turning in early to be up at 5am. See my book reports and reading list HERE.

2 weekly posts to this website [Free]
On track with a solid base of content on this site.

Dave Ramsey podcasts for finance tips [Free on iTunes]
Still enjoying several episodes every week.


Grammar Girl podcasts for writing tips [Free on iTunes]
Listened to 6 episodes but it really wasn’t my thing so I moved on.


Learn French at duoLingo [free online]
Khan Academy ‘Finance & Capital Markets‘ module [Free online]
Khan Academy ‘Microeconomics‘ module [Free online]
Khan Academy ‘Macroeconomics‘ module [Free online]
Intro to Computer Science‘ class at HarvardX [Free online]
Learn JavaScript‘ at Codeacademy [Free online]
Intro to Computer Science‘ class at Udacity [Free online]
Intro to Programming in Java‘ class at Udacity [Free online]
FileMaker Pro 12 Certification [$20 for training materials, $150 for exam]
Shopify ‘Build a Business‘ competition (10-1-14) [$168 – 1yr subscription]
National Novel Writing Month (11-1-14) [Free online]
Publish a book on CreateSpace [Free – books printed on demand]

Aug internet – $30
Sep internet – $30
Oct internet – $30
Nov internet – $30
Dec internet – $30
Nov Treehouse – $25
Dec Treehouse – $25
Total Spent So Far – $200


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