About Me

“One day your life will flash before your eyes. Make sure it’s worth watching” ―Gerard Way

Sometimes one’s contribution to the world is a little garden planted in the far corner of a hidden valley. That’s how I view this website. If you’ve somehow stumbled across this site – welcome. If you’re a friend or a relative – nice to see you and thanks for stopping in!

What you’ll find here is similar to grandpa’s dusty scrapbook you discovered in the attic when you were a kid. The difference is you can browse my scrapbook on your iPad while sipping an adult beverage in your easy chair.

Nice to Meet You!
Doug Fish 1I’m Doug. I grew up in a suburb of St. Louis, moved to Memphis to get ‘educated’, spent some time in France and spent a whole lot of time on a lot of baseball fields in the Midwest. In 1998, I moved to SW Florida. A few years later, I met my girlfriend wife, known here as D.O.D. (Note: D.O.D insists that the years of my life before I met her shall always be referred to as “the darkness before me”.) In 2005 we moved to the heart of the city in St. Louis. In November 2011 we welcomed Li’l D into our lives. In the Spring of 2015, we moved back to sunny Sarasota, FL.

Whaddya Say?
At this point, I can’t really say what is the overriding theme of this site. It’s more ‘stream of consciousness’ than anything else. Who of us knows where life leads? I suppose my duty is to document wherever the path happens to take us.

Readers have wondered how old I am. The answer is… old enough to remember a Christmas morning playing ‘Pong’ on my 13″ Black & White while listening to a new 8-Track tape. Young enough to run a half marathon under 2:00. Young enough to think I have it all figured out but old enough to realize how little I really know.

I’ve been asked if the things written here are all true. I suppose it depends upon how you define ‘true’. The best recipes contain only a pinch of the strongest spices – just enough to impart flavor but not so much as to overpower. Similarly, my stories contain just enough truth to make them interesting and believable.

For My Daughter
Daddy and Li'l DOne of the great comforts in my young life was going to school every day with a homemade lunch from Mom in my Evel Knievel lunchbox. No matter what kind of elementary school drama the day might present, I always knew I’d have 15 minutes in the middle of the day that would connect me with the comfort and love at my home. That’s what I hope to create for Li’l D. Something that will make her laugh, make her think and give her comfort when she needs it most. Something she can enjoy for years to come… even when I’m gone. Some things here will probably make her cringe and roll her eyes, but overall it will help her get to know her world (and her Dad) a little better.

Let The Story Begin…
I invite you to come in and have a look around. Hopefully something here will catch your eye and make you smile. I don’t actually know how the story will unfold or where it might lead, but I consider that uncertainty to be part of the fun. Cheers!

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ―Eleanor Roosevelt

Photo Attribution
I use photos from Flickr with a Creative Commons Attribution License. Typically, readers can hover to see the original photo name and owner OR they can click through to the original photo page. My own photos typically have no attribution.

If I have used something improperly or failed to give appropriate credit, please don’t hesitate to contact me at the address below.

Contact Me

dfish65 (at) gmail (dot) com

“I can take a lot of pats on the back. I love it when I get admiring letters from people. And, of course, I’d love it if the critics would notice me, too.” -Norman Rockwell

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