Favorite Photos

Daddy striking the Heisman Trophy pose with me as the football.

My first shopping trip! Went to Kohl’s, got a fabulous outfit for St. Patrick’s Day…. 20% off! Cha-ching!!!

Here I am taking a break and sitting in Dad’s chair. Quite comfy!

Hi – could you tell me about your specials this evening? I’m ready for dinner!

Stylin’ in my Kitty Cat hat!

That’s me napping in my crib, Mom napping next to me in the big chair. We’re curled up just like one another!

Just had lunch… now I’m ready for a nap!

I’ve only been here a few weeks, but they’re already figuring out who’s the boss. You can be sure I’m gonna run this place with an iron fist!

I think Dad wants me to be a Cardinal fan. He Photoshopped me into the 2011 World Series Game 7 celebration!

I’m ready for my first car ride, stylin’ in my new red car seat. Since the Cardinals won the 2011 World Series, Dad insisted my seat had to be red!

Dad says this is his favorite picture of his little girl.

Here I am with Mom in the hospital. We were both trying to catch a nap…. it wasn’t easy to sleep with nurses always pokin’ at us! Can’t they just let us girls get a little beauty sleep?

One thought on “Favorite Photos”

  1. Dear Delaney
    I am so happy that your Mom and Dad told me about your website. I love of all of your photos, but I must tell you my little girlfriend, that pink is your color. With you skin tone and hair, you look fab.
    I am so happy to have seen you last night; can’t wait to see you soon.
    xoxo Sharon Hoffman

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